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About us

We are passionate about travelling.. and since we travelled a lot we think that the city and the region we live in have a great potential to thrill travelers..

We believe that when it comes to visiting a place it’s not only important to see the most well-known attractions, but also to feel the atmosphere, to be plunged in local culture and understand its traditions.

Soul of Genoa was founded in 2016 with the aim of creating original guided tours and local experiences in Genoa.

Our team is made up of licensed tour leaders and tour guides who share their passions and interests with travellers and tourists to make them feel part of the local culture

Our Genoa walking tours have a great price/quality ratio in order to make tour accessible to most of tourists: nowadays people travel more than in the past but often for shorter periods and with a lower budget; when it comes to travelling more and more people look for new experiences, want to learn something new and discover traditions and local culture without spending a fortune.

We put ourselves in your shoes, we like sharing our passions and love for our territory, we want to provide high quality services at the right price.

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